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CAN 2023 | 75 Min. | OmenglU | DE International

„Unsyncable“ follows six athletes aged 63 to 82 as they prepare for the American Senior Synchronized Swimming Championships. One aims for gold, another knows she‘ll likely finish last, and others compete for the community and love of their team. They will all have to push physical, emotional, and societal boundaries to reach their goal. Together, they‘ve lost partners, suffered injuries, and dealt with age-related limitations. But despite it all, they keep swimming, and they do it with a smile. „I hope ‚Unsyncable‘ will inspire audiences to see aging in a different light - not as something to fear, but as something to pursue in our own unique ways, as we all ‚rage against the dying of our light‘ in our own way.“ (Megan Wennberg)

Director: Megan Wennberg
Script: Megan Wennberg
Photographer: Paul McCurdy
Editor: Warren Jefferies
Music: Brian Morris
Cast: Protagonisten/Protagonists: Sue Baross Nesbitt, Joyce Clarke, Luther Gales, Monica Hale, Cris Meyers-Winde, Ellen Scott
Production company: Edward Peill, Erin Oakes / Tell Tale Productions
Distributor: offen

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Megan Wennberg

MEGAN WENNBERG (*1979) ist eine Dokumentarfilmerin aus Dartmouth / Nova Scotia. Nach ihrem Bachelorstudium produzierte sie 2019 ihren ersten Dokumentarfilm „Drag Kids“, in welchem sie vier mutige junge Drag-Queens bei ihrem Debüt auf dem „Montreal Pride“ begleitete. Ihr zweiter Film „The Killing of Phillip Boudreau“ gewann den Screen Nova Scotia Award für den besten Dokumentarfilm im Jahr 2021 und den WIFT-AT Award für die beste Regie.

Filmography: (Auswahl): Unsyncable (2023), The Killing of Phillip Boudreau (2021), Drag Kids (2019), Hopeless Romantic (2018), Spin the Barrel (2013)


06.06.24 | 16:40 h| CineStar 6, Emden
09.06.24 | 18:00 h| CineStar 6, Emden