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SCORE Bernhard Wicki Award

The annual SCORE Bernhard Wicki Award is a competition for extraordinary feature films and is decided on by audience vote. Our main award goes to the feature film with the highest audience rating in the competition. 

The award itself was named after the great director Bernhard Wicki (1919-2000). With this award the Festival honours his services to German filmmaking as well as to the development of the Emden Film Festival in the years 1990 to 1999. 

The SCORE Bernhard Wicki Award has a purse of € 10,000 provided by the SCORE GmbH.

Nominated Films:

Another End (I 2024) by Piero Messina Arctic Convoy (N 2023) by Henrik M. Dahlsbakken Bon Schuur Ticino (CH/I 2023) by Peter Luisi Déserts (F/D/MAR/B/QAT 2023) by Faouzi Bensaïdi From Hilde, With Love (D 2024) by Andreas Dresen Funny Birds (B/F 2023) by Hanna Ladoul, Marco La Via Kein Wort (D/SVN 2023) by Hanna Slak Liebesbriefe aus Nizza (F 2024) by Ivan Calbérac Silent Roar (UK 2023) by Johnny Barrington Striking The Palace (F 2023) by Nessim Chikhaoui Sweetland (CAN 2023) by Christian Sparkes The Good Teacher (F 2024) by Teddy Lussi-Modeste The King Tide (CAN 2023) by Christian Sparkes The Marching Band (F 2024) by Emmanuel Courcol The Missile (FIN/EST 2024) by Miia Tervo The Riot (N/S/LV 2023) by Nils Gaup Treasure - Familie ist ein fremdes Land (D/F 2024) by Julia von Heinz Unsinkable (DK 2023) by Christian Andersen

Previous Award Winners